Welcome to the Digital Home of Proliferous Rose. The music of Proliferous Rose has developed over some fifty years and in a wide range of different genres, from late fifties-style rock and pop to American songbook-like ballads. It includes soulful bossa nova, country-flavored tunes, and plaintive or sentimental songs of romantic and parental love and much more. Proliferous Rose gladly tends its older music–which is new to most of the world–but continues to sprout new and varied blossoms as time goes by. Most recently, it has added a social-political dimension to its repertoire. It has also taken a few favorite flowers from other gardens and transplanted them in its own soil. Smell them all on this site, now or in the near future, and, if you like, pick one and take it home with you, or even a bouquet.

Sniff Proliferous Rose’s latest songs here:

Battle Song of the Republicans

Bring Back That Seventies Spirit Now (See a video of this song at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzNdLKdyWbk)

Dream Catcher